benefit in kind

benefit in kind
benefit in kind ˌbenefit in ˈkind noun benefits in kind PLURALFORM [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
something other than money, for example free meals or a company car, that an employer gives to a worker in addition to their normal pay:

• All benefits in kind are now taxed.

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benefit in kind UK US noun [C] (plural benefits in kind) HR
something, such as a car, free meals, or a mobile phone, that an employer gives to an employee in addition to their salary: »

Mr Smith's salary, pension, and benefits in kind, including a company car and medical insurance, amounted to £289,627 for the year 2010.

Compare EMPLOYEE BENEFIT(Cf. ↑employee benefit), FRINGE BENEFIT(Cf. ↑fringe benefit), PERQUISITE(Cf. ↑perquisite)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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